Patient Testimonials

“Seeking the help of Dr. Macielinski and having him fit me for hearing aids dramatically improved the quality of my life, both personally and professionally. At home I have clearer conversations with family and friends, and at work as a teacher I can hear my students much more effectively in the classroom. And people hardly notice the hearing aids unless I point them out! They have been a wonderfully positive change in my life.” Beth C.

“Thanks to you and your staff for immediately repairing my hearing aid so that I was able to teach a class of nurses at Doylestown Hospital Thursday evening. It was most kind of you.” Edward H.

“Dr. Macielinski determined both my wife and I needed hearing aids in both ears. He explained the choices thoroughly and we were comfortable in accpeting his recommendations. Over the past 10 years, we have seen Dr. Macielinski as needed and have, in fact, recommended him to many of our freinds — we are very pleased with his work.” Ted E.

“Since my purchase I’ve consistently used my hearing aids and have been very appreciative of the positive effect it has made in my daily routine. When I remove my hearing aids before bed each day, I’m immediately reminded of the significance of my hearing loss. I’m so glad I spent the time and expenses to alter my hearing capabilities.” Joan S.

“In the morning when inserting my hearing aids I can hear the birds singing outside. Then when I watch TV the sound volume is noticably lower. The hearing aid is especially helpful when I participate in large group discussions. Finally, the hearing aid is so comfortable that occasionaly I forget to take them out at bedtime.” Bruce F.